With tears of joy Lisette witnessed the entry into Paris of the Comte dArtois on April 12th and of Louis XVIII. shortly afterwards. By his side sat the Duchesse dAngoulme, whose smiles mingled with sadness amidst the shouts of Vive le Roi; recalled the remembrance that she was traversing the route by which her mother had passed to the scaffold.

However, she had plenty of interests, and made many English friends besides the numerous French emigrs she found there. She painted the portraits of the Prince of Wales, Lord Byron, the Comtesse de Polastron, adored by the Comte dArtois, who was [151] inconsolable when she died soon afterwards, and many othersEnglish, French, Russian, and Germanand made the acquaintance of the first musicians, actors, and singers of the day; also of the painters, many of whom were extremely jealous of her. Flicit Stphanie Ducrest de Saint-Aubin was born January 25, 1746, at Champcry, a small estate in Burgundy which belonged to her father, but which two years afterwards he sold, and bought the estate and marquisat [111] of Saint-Aubin on the Loire.

The King, the royal family, but especially the Queen, were becoming every day more unpopular, the reforms introduced seemed to do no good, only to incite the populace to more and more extortionate demands. The King, having neither courage nor decision, inspired neither confidence nor respect. CHAPTER VI

They went a great deal into society and to the court balls under Napoleon; and Isabey used to design her dresses and make them up on her in this way: when her hair was done and she was all ready except her dress, he would come with a great heap of flowers, ribbons, gauze, crpe, &c., and with scissors and pins cut out and fasten on the drapery according to his taste so skilfully that it never came off, and looked lovely. On one occasion when they were not well off he cut out flowers of gold and silver paper and stuck them with gum upon tulle; it was pronounced the prettiest dress in the room. What? A painter ambassador? Doubtless it must have been an ambassador who amused himself by painting.